a project on climate perceptualization
a weather station data archive

a wifi weather station sends environmental data to the cloud, creating a databank of measurements. temperature, humidity, noise, pressure, and co2 levels become a parametric snapshot of a place over time. The climate archive becomes the scenario and instructions for the intermedia performance of data objects.

data archive also available via email vincent (at) charlebois [dot] info

2022: Environmental Data Perceptualization — ISEA, Barcelona
2022: Toil, and a Peaceful Life — Pumice Raft, Toronto
2022: Conditions actuelles — Quai 5160, Verdun

2020, 2021: Montréal
2018, 2019: Barcelona
2017: Jetřichovice, Brooklyn, Belgrade
2016: Madrid, Casablanca, Colombo

vincent charlebois